Kfardebian Camping with Vamos Todos


This time, you will be heading to Kfardebian, the highest village in Keserwan district for an overnight. Kfardebian is renowned for being the village of all seasons where the largest ski resort in the Middle East is located and summer festivities make it an unescapable destination.

Similar to every overnight event, you can participate to the 2 days or only participate in the second day for an unforgettable hike.

Program Will be as follows:


You will head up to a campsite located between the historical volcanic rocks of Kfardebian. You will take some time t settle down and put your stuff in the tents.

As sunset begins, you will start the small tour of the city heading to the heart of the village. you will then come back to the campsite where an open barbecue will be served by the campfire.

After dinner, you Will all gather around a campfire and enjoy a clear sky full Of constellations.

Should you have any instrument that you master, please bring it with you to add some art to this unforgettable night. Please note that this event fits all age ranges from families to teenagers and adults.


You Will wake up very early for a sunrise hike to witness the beautiful sun rising from behind the amazing hills Of Kfardebian.

The hike Will be a moderate one starting from the campsite and heading upwards toward "Nabe' al Laban" the major water source sustaining the Chabrouh Dam. We will then head to see the natural bridge of Kfardebian and cross it in a wonderful natural setting.

The path will lead you to the historical Roman temples of Faqra where you will go to the top of the temple to see beautiful views of the area's villages.

This hike will be an optional one. For those who prefer to rest, they can wait for the other group to arrive from Beirut and join them in their hike You will then come back for a very healthy breakfast while waiting for the Other group to arrive from Beirut.

Once they arrive, you will start the hike which will be divided into 2 levels:

LEVEL 6 : this trail will be a tough one, starting from Mzaar Square, and taking a steep uphill path from there, all the way to the Mzaar Summit. There we will enjoy the views of the coastline, and visit the sanctuary on top of the mountain. This will be a long and hard hike, almost 13 Km in length with an elevation gain Of 600 meters.

LEVEL 3: 7 km, will hike in the jurd beside lakes and ponds and stretches of snow then will go to Nabaa Al Laban, and take a beautiful trail to Faqra natural bridge or "Jisir Al Hajar".

This bridge is a landmark of Faqra, with an arch measuring almost 40 meters. After the Visit to this wonderful miracle Of natural architecture, we Will continue to the ruins Of the Faqra area.

The temples Of Qalaat Faqra are the most extensive Roman ruins Of all Mount Lebanon. There will be a barbecue lunch to add spice to your day. Barbecue, baked potatoes and salad will be prepared out in the open air by the locals Of the region at a wonderful campsite.

WHERE: Kfardebian

Mount Lebanon 1450 meters above sea level.

WHEN: Friday, June 09 /last day for reservation for the overnight participants is Monday. June 05.

MEETING PLACE: 2PM on Friday in the parking Of Sagesse School in Jdeideh, facing the public garden.

(See map on: www.vamos-todos.com/Pages/ParkingMap.aspx)

PRICE: - For overnight 1005 per person including transport, guides, insurance, accommodation 6 three meals (Please get the exact change to facilitate the registration process). Kindly get the exact change.

You can register now at all branches Of Antoine Library or on the following link:


WHAT TO GET: Usual overnight stuff, light snacks that will boost up your energy such as dried fruits, water, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. Wear comfortable shoes such as hiking shoes and always keep a windproof jacket in your backpack


- Children with the age of IO and younger will have a discount of 25$

- Children/ Teenagers between the age Of 11 and 18 will have a discount Of 20$

- University students will have a discount Of 15$ provided that they present their university card

- Groups with 5 to 9 persons, with different criteria than the above, will get a 2$ discount.

- Groups with 10 or more persons, with different criteria than the above, will get a 3$ discount.


- Cancellation within 3 days' notice or less will be charged half-price.

- Reservations within 3 days' notice or less will be charged an extra IOS. (eg. Cancelling or booking for a weekend's event on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will be subject to the above terms)


- Smoking is strictly prohibited during the event

- Always follow the guide on the designated trail

- Do not go off road without notifying the guide

- DO not get close to a cliff especially when the guide in charge tells you not to do so

- Although accidents are covered by the insurance but they remain under the responsibility Of the member

- Sometimes, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the program may occur. Ecotourism rules must be followed, otherwise personal accidents will not be accounted for by the insurance.

RESERVATION: Every day from 8am till 5pm on 03-917190 or 79-115001. It is preferable to send an SMS or WhatsApp from your mobile, giving your name, surname, and the event you wish to join.


- "Sports Experts" is the exclusive sports gear and outfit sponsor Of Vamos Todos.

Members will get a special discount at all "Sports Experts" branches in Lebanon

"LIA insurance" is the exclusive insurance company sponsor of Vamos Todos.

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